Saturday, December 28, 2013

Guan Yin - Lot 100

Lot 100

Prophecies of value god and Buddha offer. Led by the foolish, you pay them no heed. As this the last lot you choose. There is no luck for to gain. This is the last helpful message left for you. All predictions are made and have proved true. Remain unchanged and leave things as they stand. Wait patiently till your good chance comes.

This lot advises you to take no action and let the present situation changes in your favor. Since this is the last divine lot, there is no alternative way for you to follow. You must be aware of one important thing. You are now in a very unfavorable situation and to overcome the present difficulties, you must pray to god for his gracious protection.

Guan Yin - Lot 99

Lot 99

The rider who whips his horse but draws no rein will exhaust all the strength he has. This is like a house being set on fire. The summer rain will reduce it to bricks and clay. Working hard the whole life long, he cares not for right or wrong. Shackles and fetters fall upon him suddenly thus he is driven to a miserable fate.

This scene describes a situation which is neither good nor bad. The best advice is to resort to kind deeds which may help to improve conditions for all concerned. Your family has risks. You must pray to god and take care of yourself. There are too many obstacles in the way of doing business and you will end up losing money. Marriage is not successful as both parties do not give way. Pregnancy may endanger life. Crops of grain and silk are poor and you will lose in livestock. Travelers will encounter hardship. In searching for the missing, you may become involve in crime. Things lost will not be found. Lawsuits will go against you. A change of residence is not recommended. The ailing suffers a lingering disease and is in danger. Ancestors’ graves are decaying and in danger of collapse.

Guan Yin - Lot 98

Lot 98

Suspend your plan and action for a time but idleness may give rise so scandal. When bird fall into a waiting net, the chance for them to be free is remote. Just wait for your opportunity. The progress of time will being you bliss. The best advice to you is being patient and make no changes.

This advises you to remain where you are during unfavorable times. Any move may result in trouble and woe. Your family will encounter worries, suspicions and grievances. You yourself are surrounded by rogues and villains plotting against you. Business transactions will be unsuccessful. Marriage does not last long and may break up anytime. Pregnancy may lead to conviction in court. Time is bad for farming, raising silkworm and livestock. Travelers are in difficulty and there are no clues of the missing. Lost things will never be found. You will lose in lawsuits. Do not move your residence. This sick is in grave danger as if trapped in a net. Worst of all, your ancestral graves are in a desperate situation.

Guan Yin - Lot 97

Lot 97

A candle in the wind casts fleeting shadows. Their reflections are like the blossom of willow trees. A sailor on a floating raft waits for rescue. A party-goer whistle in the curfew hour. Wealth and fame are at the disposal of god. Fate decided on whom poverty will fall. So to worry is a complete waste of effort. Got everything is arranged by destiny.

The scene describes lighting a candle in the wind. It is stupid to aim for an empty title without substantial benefit. To ensure the safety of your family, you must pray for god’s protection. You will be lucky in acquiring money but you must be careful in business transactions. Marriage is possible but will not turn out specially good or bad. Danger threatens both the pregnant mother and her baby. Livestock, grains and silkworm will all be damaged. There is no message yet from the visitor you are expecting and no news of the missing. Lawsuits will be unfavorable to you. Moving house is not advised. There is no hope of regaining what was lost. The sick are out in bad condition be devils of the underworld. Ancestral graves should be reconstructed.

Guan Yin - Lot 96

Lot 96

Seven storeys high the majestic pagoda stands. In all direction sit shines with glittering glow. Devote yourself to worship and do charity. Heaven will reward your noble deeds. This is your allotted share of happiness. Good fortune is for all to see. You have no cause to worry. Destiny has arranged your way ahead.

A virtuous man will be greatly rewarded with god’s blessing. With this lot you will be rewarded with fortune and luck. You must make a vow and pray to god to provide safety to you and your family. Business is all in your favor. You will emerge victorious in your pursuit for gain and wealth. Relation with your wife remains good after marriage and you will be delighted when your son is born. Farming and raising silkworm go smoothly but you get little profit from livestock. The visitor you are expecting has stated will arrive soon and the missing will reappear. Legal disputes should be settled out of court. It is a lucky year for removal. To recover from sickness, you must turn to prayer. Ancestral graves remains in peace.

Guan Yin - Lot 95

Lot 95

Rome was not built in a day. Woman and wine may block your way. Retain your ambitions and display your merits, you will earn the king’s favor and enviable pay. Determine your objective and keep to it. Diligence will eventually get its reward. One day a golden pheasant brings joyful news with it will come wealth and happiness.

An ambitious young man has made many achievements through determination and diligence. This advises you to act according to customs and traditions practices. In this way, fortune will sooner or later come your way. You are sufficiently safe but your family needs god’s protection. Business negotiations will not succeed. You can only make money with great effort. Love remains strong and marriage will be successful. Pregnancy leads to a safe birth. Profit from farming and silk industry will be considerable but the crops will come late. Your livestock will grow. The missing will not be found and things lost are far away. Going to law is not advisable so withdraw as soon as you can. Migration is not favorable. Sickness will be prolonged. Ancestral graves remains blessed.

Guan Yin - Lot 94

Lot 94

The virtuous man stands apart from villains whose conduct will show their faults. Fine music of the harp only tutored ears will know. Keep up with traditions will see you through. You will find help only from a friend who really knows and understands you. Better keep yourself aloof from others. By doing so, you will be spared all pain and trouble.

You must look for a genuine friend for no one except him can really help you. You should observe all the traditions and practices and everything will turn out all right. You must be careful about your own safety especially when you are out of the house. This is no chance of doing business so making money is very difficult. Marriage will be delayed and only a girl will be born. Your crop of grain and silkworm will only be small and you will suffer considerable loss in livestock. The visitor you are expecting has started on his journey. You can only find the missing is you try much harder. Searching for lost things requires quick action. In disputes, don’t go to law but seek compromise and arbitration. Sickness will be prolonged. The position of your ancestral graves is unfavorable.